Saturday, 27 September 2014

Review: Dark Rift

Dark Rift
Dark Rift by Alesha Escobar

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book, and the series of which it's the second, have good bones. It needs an editor, but the author tells me it's getting one very soon, so its issues - mainly tense problems, occasional odd phrasings and possible anachronisms - should go away, leaving an enjoyable and well-told story.

Full disclosure: I know Alesha Escobar on social media, and we've been in an anthology together ([b:Theme-Thology: New Myths|22500072|Theme-Thology New Myths|Alesha Escobar||41946514]. I thought her story in that collection was one of the best in the book. She has talent as a writer, and a good editor will bring that out and help her shine as she deserves to.

Apart from the problems I've alluded to already, the main issue for me was that it felt like it could be tenser and faster paced, especially near the beginning. I think a bit of cutting of mundane detail that doesn't contribute to plot, character or setting would fix that easily. I was never bored, but I did feel that I could have been more caught up in events, and could have felt a greater sense of urgency in what was, after all, a tense situation: fighting Nazi vampire wizards and their werewolves while trying to keep your allies from hunting down your father for appearing to be something that you, yourself, secretly are.

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