Friday, 15 May 2009

The Y People begins

I've started a new novel, The Y People, over on my City of Masks blog. It's a YA piece about four young people with mysterious powers.

My plan is:
  1. Write it on the blog. Get comments if I can, but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Use Lulu's new affiliate in NZ to get proof copies printed for a few of the Usual Suspects to read. This will give me a chance to practice with Adobe InDesign for layout, as well.
  3. Revise it in line with the feedback and release it as an ebook (on Smashwords) and POD.
Because I won't need to do an actual print run, the time it will take to break even will be significantly reduced. City of Masks is still in the red, because I did a print run of 50 to give to people, send to the National Library and sell in NZ, and NZ sales have been, to say the least, slow.

In fact, all sales of City of Masks have been slow, despite the fact that everyone who reads it likes it, because I can't be bothered to relentlessly promote it. That's not nearly as much fun as writing is, and the additional happiness from selling a few more copies isn't worth the extra effort to me at the moment. I'm pouring most of my promotional efforts into my hypnotherapy practice, and that isn't exactly going stratospheric yet either.

Marketing is a lot of work, at least by the non-Baboon's Backside method.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I've finally given in (I'm the classic late adopter) and joined Facebook. Hopefully that link takes you to my profile. Feel free to friend me if you're a regular reader of this blog.

Not that it's really possible to be a regular reader of such an irregular blog, but you know what I mean.