Friday, 7 March 2008

Phone Spam

I got phone spammed for the first time this morning.

Some guy claiming to be a stockbroker rang from New York chasing business. Things on Wall Street are clearly worse than I thought if they're resorting to randomly calling people halfway round the world. Of course, it could just have been a scam, which is only one of the reasons I wouldn't have even considered doing business with him.

As soon as I'd figured out what he was about (after his cheesy attempts at geniality had fizzled), I told him that if I wanted goods or services I went looking for them and that I didn't appreciate being called. The smart thing for him to do would have been to apologise, get of the phone and leave me merely irritated rather than actually angry, but he started arguing back, wasting more of my time. Eventually I had to talk over him, saying "Thank you, sorry, goodbye" (the first two of which I didn't mean) and hang up.

Stupid, stupid rat creatures!


Anonymous said...

That sucks! I hate spam, telemarketers, and anything like that.

Mike Reeves-McMillan said...

Me too. I used to be really rude to telemarketers, but my wife, who did the job once as a desperate student, reminded me that it's not their fault and they probably hate the job too, so now I try to stay civil. This guy was so pushy, though, and it was such a bizarre thing to do.