Thursday, 13 September 2007

Character creation comes third

I've started to work out a sequence for starting up a Pentasystem game. So far, it looks like this:

  1. Pull out the coolmap and decide what themes on it engage you. Add in others, by all means.
  2. Find which entities connect to those themes, and divide up ownership of them among the players.
  3. Create main characters and give them motivating attributes that link to the themes and entities.
  4. Create supporting characters that are connected to the main characters and that put a face on the entities. Probably do this with an R-map. Make sure you build in some conflict ("family is important to me, I hate heretics, my brother-in-law is a heretic").
  5. Add motivating attributes to the main characters which connect them to the supporting characters.
  6. Create some situations, as gateways, which will act as "inciting incidents" to the main characters you have - features of the world-as-it-is that they can't ignore but will need to try to change, just because of who they are. Make sure, as well, that the things that can bring about change are things the characters are uniquely equipped to do.
  7. Engaging, conflict-filled gameplay ensues. Or such would be my assumption.

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