Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Pentasystem: Filthy Hippy Swine RPG

So here's version 0.5 of the Pentasystem. It's turning into what certain diehard old-school gamers see as the worst kind of anti-D&D.

You get experience based on what your character feels*.

You get rerolls based on your roleplaying*.

Everything your character does uses exactly the same mechanics, with no privilege given to physical combat.

Worst of all, I haven't just "taken power away from the GM". I've killed the GM, taken his stuff, and distributed it among the players, and then set the corpse on fire and danced on the ashes in my hippy sandals.

Truly, I am a swine. If the RPGPundit ever sees this, he'll have a pleonasm. (Which turns out not to mean what I thought it means - something between an embolism and an aneurism - but he'll have one of those, too.)

*Not exactly, but it makes a better story that way.

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