Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Playing myself after all

Big blogging day. Basically I'm at a difficult point in my Unfolding Form application and can't be bothered wrestling with it.

Over in another post (Playing the role you don't want to live), I banged on about how Garan, my character in Vaxalon's Amber game, was a way for me to break type and basically play a barbarian.

It doesn't seem to have worked. In this particular game, characters can grant other characters "traits" based on their actions, which they can then use later in the game. The two traits Garan's received so far are "Intuitive Insight" and "Wisest Choice".

Looks like I'm a cleric at heart after all. Sigh.

(Though I did ask the other players specifically to help me put some ropes on this loose cannon. Perhaps this is their way of doing so.)

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