Sunday, 1 April 2007

Holy Week

It's Palm Sunday today, and I'm happy to reflect that at least three churches have been or will be using stuff I've written this Easter season. Cityside, of course, is one of them; Brenda asked if she could re-use the Tree of Life liturgy I wrote and used in last year's poetry-themed service, and of course I said yes. I've also had an email about using the Five Wounds Meditation in a "Holy Thursday paraliturgy" (whatever one of those is) for Bishop Ready High School in Colombus, Ohio. Not the first time I've had Catholics want to use one of my liturgical resources, which reads to me like a compliment.

Finally, I got yet another email back in February about using my play The Ready Room: A Play of Archangels as an Easter performance on 25 March. I think this makes about eight times that it's been produced, all in the US as far as I know (the first time in Japanese, but it was a Japanese-speaking church in Oregon). All of them have mentioned adapting it; sooner or later I'll probably revise it myself.

It's satisfying to know that the things I write are appealing and useful to people.

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