Friday, 16 March 2007

Current Status

I think I'll do this from time to time, as much to give myself a record as anything. What's taking up mind-space or life-space or just in progress for me at the moment?

  • City of Masks is with Macmillans for consideration.
  • The Journey in Four Directions I've just signed up with an agent who will represent it at some book fairs in Europe.
  • I'm thinking about sending 'Gu' to a magazine, maybe today.
  • Restarting the Alphabet is drafted up to the first third ('Maiden'), and sitting at the Glyphpress forum.
  • Topia has been stalled for a while. I've finally realized what one of the main themes is: Letting, or not letting, your disabilities define you. I need to rewrite pretty much from scratch, I think, which doesn't sound like fun.
  • City of Masks has had one playtest and I've included it in the MS I sent to Macmillans. It needs more playtesting.
  • Errantry needs playtesting too.
  • The unnamed third game is stuck while I try to figure out the mechanics.
  • I'm signed up for Fred's Amber play-by-wiki game, starting at the beginning of April.
Spiritual Practice:
  • I'm doing my Transforming Practice every morning, usually in the shower. Erin used it yesterday (when she got to work but before she left the car) and said it helped with her crappy day.
  • I'm doing the rosary on my commute. It's good.
  • Centering prayer about 5 days out of 7 (in the evenings). Mostly I get the kind of good where you call yourself back to attending, more than the kind of good where you are attending.
  • Tai Chi with a bit of Qi Gong - I count this as spiritual practice, partly in order to defy Descartes. I'm probably doing that 4 or 5 nights out of 7.
  • I've given up buying books for Lent, which I've been on the verge of regretting a few times but have managed to stick to.
  • I'm working on getting my online booking system set up on I'm now at the boring testing and perfecting bit, so progress has slowed.
  • After that I'll turn my attention to finishing Unfolding Forms.
  • I'm waiting for Roger to come back to me with a date for my interview. I strongly suspect, from what others have said, that I'll end up getting the diploma because I pass the Association exam.
  • The Association exam is at the end of April.
  • I'm reading Maxwell Maltz's Psycho-Cybernetics.
  • On the business side, I've set up a bank account and got business cards and my room is pretty much set up. I'd like to get a better chair for myself, and a rug for the winter, and I want to get a standalone drive case so I can use the CD writer with the laptop to give people CDs of the suggestions to take with them at the end of the session. After the start of the financial year on 1 April I'll start spending money again on this stuff. Also a wireless network setup.
  • I find I'm tired in the evenings, so I'm mostly reading light stuff (and finding good light stuff hard to come by - I read too fast and the best authors write too slowly).
  • Psycho-Cybernetics is interesting; "Man is not a machine, but he has a machine", namely the subconscious, which is a goal-seeking mechanism according to Maltz. It's programmed by the various messages we receive but we can take conscious control of the process and reprogram it. I'm not sure I totally buy it, but it's interesting.
  • The Tribe of Tiger is the other non-fiction I'm reading at the moment.
  • I'm chiming in a bit on both "I would knife-fight a man" and Story-Games. Racism is one of the current hot topics at both.

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