Monday 3 January 2011

How to Stop Smoking ebook launch

Happy New Year to all.

New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions to change and improve your life, and among the most frequently chosen ones are getting fit, eating more healthily and stopping smoking.

These are all great goals, but frustratingly for them, a lot of people don't go very long at all before letting them go. My belief is that this is only partly a motivation problem. If you have good resources (including resources to help you with your motivation), these are all achievable goals.

The reason I'm talking about this is that in 2011 I'll be putting together resources for exactly these goals. I've started with smoking cessation, partly because I already have a lot of good material for it and partly because the NZ cigarette tax increased again at the New Year.

The main resource I've made is free, an ebook called How to Stop Smoking. It's also part of a course which includes audio tracks to help with motivation, the stop-smoking process and letting go of the smoking habit. I'm charging $19 for the course, which I think is a good compromise between making it as accessible as possible and charging enough that people will take it seriously.

If you smoke or have a friend or relative who smokes, and you or that person wants to stop, take a look at How to Stop Smoking. I've set out to make it simple, accesible, practical and motivational.